Thursday, 17 April 2014

Learning to Drive

Learning to drive the tinterwebs!

Hellooooo!!  Well, it appears I lost my last blog (which may or may not have been on here, who knows?) and I am trying all this new, fandangled Google+ thingumy too ..... let's see how I get on, hey?  Spreading my wings and learning to drive the tinterwebs - or at least attempting to.  Anyone know any good instructors?  Haha!!

Life at the moment is FULL of stitching and sticking and preparations ready for the Liverpool Tattoo Convention next month ( ... I may even have a few new pieces to unveil .... we shall see!

If you are reading this, I will guess you popped over from my facebook page, but if you didn't - go have a squizz :)

I am off to try and work out this technology stuff before my brain leaks out of my ear and I have to mop it up!

Keep your eyes peeled for possible insane ramblings soon <3